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About Us

While others compete with price, we compete with quality.

George Thomas Painting and Decorating is a second-generation family business located in Justice, Illinois. We have been serving the Chicagoland area for over 30 years, but owner George Thomas has been painting for over four decades, first for his father’s business & then, starting in 1988, under his own name. To this day, he still enjoys painting and takes pride in leading a professional team.
We specialize in residential, commercial, and condo association painting, and we remain focused on building strong customer relationships with every project. Our work speaks for itself and our team exemplifies the quality we provide.

Our Employees

Every painter on our team has at least 15 years’ experience and is proud to represent the George Thomas Painting and Decorating
brand. They know every impression matters, from the first to the last, so they strive to provide an experience that complements the
best painting in the industry. Their continued professionalism and attention to detail is part of the reason we have so many
long-standing customers.

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